About the knotter

My knotting journey began as a hobby during the 80s Boho macrame resurgence. Many plant hangers, light shades and the occasional oversized wall hanging later, hobby time was overtaken by my graphic design business and a growing family.

After decades spent in Photoshop and literally thousands of film poster designs, I'm now returning to fibre art and find myself drawn to the world of knotting. Actually, somewhat obsessed with knots!

I love the architecture of knots. The perfect balance of curved braids as they overlap and interlock, the simple engineering of tension and resistance and the contradiction of strength and softness, knots are a natural harmony of design.

It's also the cultural origins, symbolism and their universal language I find intriguing. Knots may be symbolic and ceremonial, functional, hard-working, even life-saving, or just ornamental. Their construction may be simple or complicated, but whether useful or decorative, I find them all beautiful.

I hope you may want one!



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